Let’s just imagine, shall we?

Rosethorn and Lark have just taken in these new “kids,” children chock full of nightmares and trust issues, children who are relearning how to have a home. And that’s all fine and dandy and great and whoop-de-do yay for doing their duty and all. But that means that their lovely little home has gone from empty to full. Four new charges means the ground floor bedrooms are all full. Lark and Rosethorn each have their own rooms, because they do take charges and because they both like having their own space. But two nights into their new arrangements and Rosethorn is absolutely done with having to sneak across her own damn kitchen just to get to Lark’s bed. She always forgets that having children around means no more touching in the kitchen, no more Lark’s arms sliding around her when she makes tea in the morning. No more coming in fresh from the garden to catch Lark still at work in her shop, squinting away because the silly bird forgot to light more lamps. No more getting distracted in the garden when Lark decides she needs a break (the cottage provides just enough cover if they are careful). 

Maybe they sneak out sometimes, slipping away when the children are off with Niko. Lark teasing Rosethorn into admiring something other than a plant, Rosethorn getting excited and bubbly over how beautifully a tree has grown around a boulder. Lark dragging Rosethorn into the shadows of the outer wall to make out like teenagers.

Rosethorn getting cock-blocked by a bunch of kids is my favorite new headcannon.

Hi Lily! I would love to buy your book, but I don't have a kindle or nook. Is there a way I can have it as an ebook without one of those devices?


There are Kindle apps for other devices and computers. Technology shouldn’t be a barrier to reading :)

I have a kindle app on my laptop and my android phone, both work quite well.


I’m a little surprised that I haven’t had more readers and reviews on my latest J/7 story. My theory (and I could be totally wrong) is that people aren’t as interested in reading about the characters once they are already in the relationship. I understand this from one persepctive, as I have…

I haven’t read your fic (yet) but I was wandering through the Janeway and Seven tag and noticed your post. What you’re talking about is something I’ve noticed in other fandoms. Even in cases where the author’s writing style had improved substantially for the sequel, it didn’t get as much attention. I sometimes find myself avoiding those fics, for a few different reasons.

Sometimes if a fic was particularly angsty but ended well, I just want to let go and imagine the characters as living happily ever after.

On the other end of things, I’ve also tried reading a fair number of sequels that ended up being pretty much pure fluff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it can only keep me interested for so long. I think this makes me less eager to try fics with established relationships at all.

That being said, I’ve seen sequels with established relationships that were even better than the original, so you shouldn’t let that stop you. Now I’m off to read some fic :P


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// Root and Shaw - Battlestar Galactica for hatikarat


// Root and Shaw - Battlestar Galactica for hatikarat

This girl and her mom are my new heroes.

I wish someone had done this when I was going through my own sex ed in high school. They did mention birth control like condoms, etc but abstinence was the primary topic and was emphasized as the ‘best’ choice. They also gave us a lot of ‘information’ about abortions that was misleading, such as saying that having an abortion makes it harder for you to get pregnant again (which I’m pretty sure I’ve read is unproven?Correct me if I’m wrong). Our final project was making abstinence posters, and covering sex ed for lesbians wasn’t even on the radar. At the time, it didn’t even occur to me to questions these things like these two women are doing.

"Everyone deserves to be happy, Gail, even you…"